Tumbling Classes

All Tumbling classes meet once a week for 1-hour.
Monthly classes are $50.00. Additional tumbling classes can be added for an additional $15.00 a month.

To view our current class schedule please visit our parent portal/registration tab.

Our New Rising Stars Program

CM has started a new tumbling program to bring our athletes to the next level in tumbling. This program is going to ensure your child will learn all of the basic, fundamentals of tumbling, body shapes, and positions to build a strong and safe tumbling foundation. Our program is designed to help each student advance safely and properly through tumbling progressions. We believe that “Perfection before progression” will lead to best overall results. Having strength, proper conditioning and flexibility will make the changes in technique that may seem small, but in the long run can make a huge difference in the quality and consistency of your skills; as well as the student can easily achieve the next progression of skills.

The program works like this:
We have 5 star colors and a shining star that represent each level of tumbling instruction. Each star color represents a series of skills, each student will be responsible for mastering each skill before moving up to the next star color. Once students have achieved all skills they will be tested by their current coach and then tested the following week during cooldown by different coach. This will ensure that skills are consistent from week to week. Below is a breakdown of the stars and skill level.

This program will be used for both tumbling members only and allstar cheerleaders

Tumble Tots  - 45 Minute Class

Class focuses on balancing skills, hand eye coordination, flexibility, and intro gymnastics skills.

White Stars (Very Beginner 4-6 years)
            Lunge, handstand snap down, forward roll, bridge, cartwheel, backbend
Pink Stars
            Lunge, Handstand, forward roll, bridge, cartwheel, backbend, backbend kick-over
Turquoise Stars
Bridge pull-up, back-walkover, front-walkover, 2-step round-off, power round-off, cartwheel back-walkover, double standing back-walkover, back-roll-back-walkover
Silver Stars
Back-handspring, double back-handspring, round-off back-handspring, toe touch back-handspring, back-walkover back-handspring, round-off 3x back-handsprings
Black Stars
Standing tuck, standing back handspring tuck, round-off-tuck, round-off back hand-spring tuck, back-roll back hand-spring tuck
Shinning Stars
Running layout, running full, running double, standing full, punch front, elite connections